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 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月15日(日)16時29分29秒
  "Blue Story"

About 30 years ago.
Men call women blue arias.

10 years ago.
The man called the blue rose daughter Sara.

It was a coincidence. God's mischief.

The color of the female eye is earth-colored Sha eyes ... earth blue.
Her daughter's eyes are dark blue ... dark blue.

Two blue colors that the man loved.
I couldn't compare the depth of love.

And a year and a few months ago.
Look at the white snake with blue eyes ...
She began to call her “white snake”.

Sara Kearney


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月14日(土)20時34分52秒
  I met you at the end of summer 2009 when I was 19 years old.
I will love the person my mother loved ...

Her name is Ellis. A small woman with an earth eye.
"Eris Blue Eye" is my mother's thing.

My mother met you in early 1985.
My mother was very much loved.
And that song is my mother's feelings. Mother's words.
You changed my mother's feelings into a song.
The two loved each other for 20 years in Hong Kong.
My mother was all in your life.

I am walking the same life as my mother.



 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月13日(金)11時44分37秒
  Each thought.
Each position.
Each emotion.
Each relationship.

Each morning.
Each everyday.
Each life.


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月13日(金)11時43分25秒
  Today is an important day for important people.

I don't want anyone to disturb me.

Thank you for your congratulations.

Day of thought, no more or less.

Happy Birthday.


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月 2日(月)12時50分41秒
  This is the place for my work.
Sometimes it displays radical sentences.
Please do not look into it as it affects the copyright.


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月 1日(日)01時35分39秒
  Two people were drawing.
Six people were painting.


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月 1日(日)01時21分23秒
  You are a devil in this world.
I was played with the devil.
This is probably the first time
someone has regretted encountering something.


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 9月 1日(日)00時36分37秒
  I saw an unexpected coming out.
I seem to have trusted people who should not believe.
This connected everything.


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 8月31日(土)17時46分55秒
  Always watch over me like this
Thanks to those who give me.


 投稿者:Sara Kearney  投稿日:2019年 8月28日(水)19時33分32秒
  There are people I can never forgive.
Am i guilty?……Am i guilty?…Am i guilty…